Next Monographic Section: Connections between Ethics and Moral Psychology

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Next Monographic Section: "Connections between Ethics and Moral Psychology"

Moral psychology is an interdisciplinary field where, among many others, neuroscience, anthropology, experimental psychology, and philosophy converge in the analysis of the psychological aspects of morality. Although the link between moral psychology and philosophical ethics might seem natural, only a few philosophical productions have explored the connection over the last years. For some people, the reason behind this is that while moral psychology deals with descriptive aspects of morality, philosophical ethics focuses on the prescriptive aspect of moral decisions and actions. For some, this distinction draws a clear epistemic demarcation between both disciplines where the role of moral psychology in discussions of normative ethics would end up being accessory or even unnecessary.

However, a relatively recent line of research within contemporary moral psychology seeks to question the aforementioned delimitation. In this context, the ‘dual-process’ paradigm pioneered by Jonathan Haidt (see ‘The social intuitionist model’; Haidt, 2001) appeals to the socio-emotional aspects of the formation of moral judgments evidenced by current sciences of the mind to question the idea that the fundamental causes of moral judgments are grounded in rational thinking i.e. the so-called ‘rationalist model’. Almost 20 years after the publication of the seminal article The emotional dog and its rational tail: a social intuitionist approach to moral judgment by Haidt, we still need to create new spaces for discussion and dialogue on the current multiple dimensions of the link between ethics and moral psychology. The following monographic section of the Humanities Journal of Valparaíso will be exclusively devoted to developing debates at the intersection between these two areas of knowledge.

The issue will include an introduction by Jonathan Haidt.

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E. Joaquín Suárez-Ruiz - Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina
Pablo López-Silva - Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile