Evaluación de la respuesta productiva e inmune en juveniles de camarón Litopenaeus vannamei alimentado con mezclas probióticas

Angel I. Campa-Córdova, Yenni-Morales Cristóbal, María A. Guzmán-Murillo, Gabriel Aguirre-Guzman


Shrimp diets with mixtures of probiotics (bacilli or yeasts) were evaluated on the production response and immunological effect on juvenile shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei). The results showed a significant effect in growth, food consumption and feed conversion rate when probiotic diet was used. In addition, experimental diets with yeast mixture [C. insectorum (DH5), D. hansenii (DH6, and L1)] had a significantly higher amount of circulating haemocytes than those with bacilli [B. tequilensis (YC5-2), B. endophyticus (YC3-b) and B. endophyticus (C2-2)]. Shrimp fed both experimental diets (3x107 CFU mL-1) had a significantly higher growth and immune parameters when compared with the commercial diet. Both elements can contribute to the sustainable development and health of shrimp farming.

Palabras clave

Bacillus sp., haemocytes, probiotics, productive response, shrimp, yeast

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22370/rbmo.2020.55.1.2394

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