Abundancia y estructura poblacional de dos recursos pesqueros bentónicos fuera y dentro del área de una concesión marítima portuaria en Caldera, Región de Atacama, Chile

JM Alonso Vega, Marcelo Valdebenito, Luis Caillaux, Jorge Bravo


This study compares density and size structure of kelp Lessonia berteroana and sea urchins Loxechinus albus inside and outside a port concession area in Caldera. Greater abundance and larger adult individuals in populations of both benthic resources in this zone preliminarily indicates that this might be replicating a marine protected area. In the future, this port concession could contribute to the conservation of benthic resources as a reference site, without access to fisheries, useful for validating or implementing measures and actions in management plans or other instruments to support conservation.

Palabras clave

Fisheries, coastal management, marine conservation, northern Chile

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22370/rbmo.2019.54.2.1908

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