Assessment within Physical Education teacher education: the case of Fontys University in The Netherlands

Gwen Weeldenburg, Menno Slingerland


In recent years, the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) curriculum of Fontys University has been completely redesigned (see our abstract in this monograph, round tables section). During this particular workshop we will present more background and detail on how we prepare our PETE students to become successful PE teachers. We will elaborate on the educational and assessment approach within our PETE program and discuss examples of learning tasks that we employ within our program to educate our students. We will present specific examples of assessment programs (i.e. school placement, movement domains, theory), authentic (formative and summative) assessment tasks and (digital) assessment tools. During the workshop, and in order to learn from each other, we invite you to discuss our approach to PETE and to share and compare your own experiences.

Palabras clave

Physical education teacher education; 4C/ID model; Learning tasks; Assessment; Programmatic assessment

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